Rudeness Objection

WikiSuccessCanInhibitNewWriters especially if it is combined with the kind of rudeness that uses one's superior knowledge of Wiki concepts and content to imply that a newcomer is barely literate or intelligent.


Use RudenessObjection as a WikiBadge to point out unnecessarily blunt or pejorative language.


Be aware that certain forms of rudeness can be well judged, witty and enlightening, especially used on experienced posters who should know better. Rudeness can even be a sign of affection and build a sense of community. At least that's what the Australians say.

Pointing out that something is rude may simply be arrogant. It assumes that people need to be told what is rude. Such imposed value judgments are just expressions of authoritative egos.

Example: (with apologies to TentativeSummary)

Foo is great!

Foo is bad!

Perhaps only people like you don't like Foo.

People who like Foo are f***ing scum! Hey, RudenessObjection -- WayneCool, FrankStone

What kind of people are interacting that way with scum?

Bar people! The Bar people do that all the time!

A typical Bletch comment.

Hey come on guys, three people have objected, let's tidy this up. --HumbleRefactorer

Note: The name of a real person has been removed from the imaginary dialog above.

I can't even remember which one I used in the original draft, but if I did, and whoever it was, I ApologizeUnconditionally, partly as an example. I also draw Wiki's attention to the phrase NewKindOfSentence, which I now greatly prefer to WikiBadge to describe this kind of link. But then some say I became kinda long-winded in the last few years. I can have no RudenessObjection to such people. -- RichardDrake

Remember you never have to use it. It may be better to delete or reword the objection. Or else change it in such a way as to move the discussion toward PositiveDialogue.

I'd also suggest not using it on first offense.

If somebody makes a RudenessObjection against you, the best course of action is usually to ApologizeUnconditionally.

See also IsYourRudenessNecessary, EmotionalBurp and PissTake.


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