Reg Xy

Clever, tiny TuringComplete language based on RegularExpressions.

See sample program on RegularExpressionExamples page.

I've never used it, but it seems disturbingly simple.

There are two productions:

    Query: LABEL/regex/TARGET_LABEL
    Change: LABEL/regex/substitute/

The regexes used are (necessarily?) perl-style extended RegularExpressions.

The simplicity of this language appeals to me, and I wonder whether it would be a good fit for those places where you need very simple user-adjustable text munging, but don't want to embed (scripting LanguageOfChoice).

Thoughts? -- AdamBerger

On several months of further thought, isn't this just MarkovAlgorithms? --AB

Not exactly. Markov algorithms must try a fixed list of replacements (which are more constrained than regular expressions - they are fixed verbatim, and only first time the word occurs is proceeded) one-by-one and return to the first command each time any replace command completes successfully. -- MichaelRaskin?

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