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Dear, I'm trying to set up QuickiWiki (CustomWiki) on a smart puppyLinux-Thinclient with perl 5.8.8. It works, but something is going wrong with saving pages. Pages will be saved, but I (the web-user) got a "500-server error" (?)

Other question: the web-archived CustomWiki have user- and pass.cgi files. How can I include them? Running of user.cgi send a answer-page like "You're not SystemAdministrator..." I setup a .htaccess file and another for AuthFile?. Hm, and now? Howto to implement pass.cgi? System sends error like "improper use". sorry, I'm not a programmer :(


I've been using QuickiWiki as a PIM on my home machine for a couple of years now. Recently I replaced the old machine which was running Win2000 with a new machine running Windows XP. On the new machine when I save a page that has many wiki links I get a "page cannot be displayed" error. I encounter no problems displaying pages with many links or editing and displaying pages with a smaller number of links. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, did you find a work-around for it or did you have to switch to a different wiki?

Sept 3 2003

''Have you tried to double check ownership and permissions, for the pages, and for the scripts? What identity do the scripts run as? This sounds like a write permission error- you could read it just fine. Make sure everything is owned by the same owner- pages and scripts- and that it is the identity the server compels them to run as. For instance, Apache run's all scripts as 'nobody', regardless of who actually owns them, as long as Apache can run them- and as most people permission them 755, they can be run by anyone. HOWEVER, if this is a windows pc, you don't need me, you need a Confessional to go get right with God; it's going to take a minor miracle to straighten the darn thing out. - KirkBailey''

The page cannot be displayed


I am running QwikiWiki (w/o Web server) and have no problem creating pages, but when I try to edit pages that were not part of the original distribution, I get "The page cannot be displayed" errors. So if I created a page called 'Mike' and edit it (via ?) and Save...it works fine. If I go back to that page and edit again, and hit Save, it can't open it. If I shut down MyWiki and look at the page, the changes took effect, software just can't seem to open it again. Any ideas?

June 30, 2003

Question: QuickiWiki on Mac OS X Server

I'm trying to move my QuickiWiki PIM over to my new iBook. Everything seems to be in order, but the save.cgi page does not execute. Instead of doing its job it serves up a blank page. Has anyone experienced this before? (All the other scripts do their jobs properly and I have double-checked for permission and line-return errors.)

Q:What is the license of QuickiWiki? -- ChristopherPilkington

A:From p. 142-3 of TheWikiWay:

Wiki as presented here is open source, a fact evident from the chapters that analyze the Perl source and the headers of the source itself. WardCunningham retains copyright but grants public license for free personal and nonprofit use. You may freely modify the source.
For use in commercial settings, you are required to contact WardCunningham for licensing details.

When I ran my wiki using Personal Web Server (under Windows NT 4.0, SP 6a), I get this error: "%1 is not a valid Windows NT application". This is how I launch it: I enter http://localhost/MyWiki/wiki.cgi in the address area of Internet Explorer. Before that, I added in PWS to the list of Virtual Directories d:\MyWiki, with alias MyWiki, which contains the wiki software from the book. (I have no problem running the standalone QuickiWiki). At the time I attempt to run it, QuickiWiki is not running. Anything else I have to check into. (Note: All the cgi scripts are the corrected versions, which I downloaded from somewhere in this site.) Thanks much.

''Double-check the IIS ScriptMap for how .cgi is configured. There's probably a typo there. (You get at the ScriptMap by way of the Internet Service Manager application. Start it, find your web server, and right-click / Properties to get a dialog that has serveral tabbed panels. The ScriptMap is available through one of them.

It should read .cgi "c:\perl\bin\perl.exe "%1" %*"'' (or something close to that). It will look similar to other bindings."

I changed the entry to c:\perl\bin\perl.exe "%s" %s and it worked! Thanks much. Resty Cena

I too had some problems making things work on NT4 using IIS - I eventually discivered a M*r*s*f* Tech Note which described what to do ( http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q150/6/29.asp ), it involves editing the Registry (I couldn't find an option under Internet Service Manager to do the same.) I've placed a copy of the key parts at ScriptMap - regards KirbyJames

July 31, 2001; Philippines; MichelleDy

Hi. Am having trouble getting QuickiWiki to run on my Win 2000 notebook computer.

The technical specs are:

 - Operating System. Windows 2000, no Service Pack.
 - Perl v5.6 (Build 616). Downloaded from www.perl.org.
 - Quicki Wiki. Downloaded from WikiWaySources?(http://leuf.net/cgi/wikidn?WikiWaySources)
 - Web Browser. Internet Explorer 5

The error message: Typing "http://localhost" on my browser yields: "Browser Error. Your Browser Sent a Malformed Request".

August 1, 2001; Philippines; MichelleDy

Hi! Just wanted to share that I've found a solution! :)

1. Change the default port number (80) to a different one (e.g., 8080). Use this alternative port number when you run the QuickiWiki server (quicki.txt).

2. Make sure your browser uses that port number (e.g., http://localhost:8080)

3. If this doesn't work, substitute the text "localhost" with the actual PC name (e.g., my PC is named michelle, so use "http://michelle:8080")

See QuickiWiki, WikiOrg, QuickiWikiSupport


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