Please Do My Homework For Me

It seems to me that and it'd be useful to have a page to make requests for help with a software design. Then there's a centralized place for such questions (OnceAndOnlyOnce), and we give helpful WikiGnomes a page they can check for problems they can help out with (seeing as how AnswerMe apparently didn't catch on). The page could be RefactoredMercilessly by moving off individual requests as the discussion got large. Or perhaps by just having links here like "KarlKnechtel'sProblemWithDesignOfX".

The title is inspired by the common saying on USENET comp.* groups "we will not do your homework for you" (or words to that effect) - seems to me like that's entirely not the attitude promoted here. -- KarlKnechtel

You're more likely to receive help if you know HowToAskQuestionsTheSmartWay.

See also: QuickQuestions

Need help with mathematics or ComputerScience homework? Leave your query here! (Genuine questions will be answered if space allows - an email address is NOT needed.) Please leave this paragraph - I've amended it to clarify that it's not intended to harvest email addresses.)

On a heavier note, here's an old April 1st post on news:comp.lang.c++ , the home of online homework:

Do my Homework or the Hamster Gets it

The UK National Lottery consists of a random drawing of 6 unique numbers from a possible 49. Using the results from the twice-weekly draws over the last year, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Chaos Theory and a large mug of tea (Earl Grey, no sugar, twist of lemon), write a program in Z80 assembler to predict the next result. --Paul S. Ganney

As a matter of fact (working on my own), I have just finished such a project, but I only collected enough data for one bet.

Now I must weigh the needs of your hamster against me winning the lottery instead of you. Gee, that's a toughie. I'l get back to you on it.

-- Phlip

Your question may already be answered in PhlipsCppHomeworkReply!

Somebody do my International Relations paper for me so I can concentrate on programming (and WikiGnoming?!) ;) -- JonathanTang

Interesting question moved to SicpIterationExercise.

This page reminds me of TenDifferentConsecutiveKeywords.

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