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Yippee, I did it. :) I got a PhotoWiki running. :) (BrokenLink 2005/03/14)

It doesn't store the images, just the urls, and uses distance to determine which link to activate.

Currently, I set it up with a default image and two images linked off it (one of each of the kittens in the picture).

I have added a couple more images. One of the things I'd like to add is some javascript that tracks the mouse movement and sets the border of the image in the outbound list that will be selected if the visitor clicks there. Currently I see a problem, though, that an image alone may not provide enough context to make the linking unambiguous. But perhaps, just like Wiki itself, a PhotoWiki is a different way of organizing information and takes some getting used to.

Please stop by and add a few links.

I still have to figure out deletion of links (shouldn't be too hard via the outbound link list at the bottom).

Ward's discussion on got me started, and I'd love to know if I've come close to what he envisioned so long ago (and if there have been other implementations).

Please comment - I find this an interesting idea. -- SvenNeumann

Hmm, my connection was down for a few days (damn ADSL provider). And it didn't seem like anybody stopped in. I was just thinking that maybe generic photographs were not the right thing for a photowiki. Maybe it's more productive if people make their own custom graphics. Lecture notes slide show anyone?

I'm a visual artist and happened to recently fall into the Wiki world. Today, in fact, I came across the PhotoWiki. It is a marvelous idea! Would it be possible to allow the community to modify the images with perhaps a javascript paint program to create a truly collaborative interactive image? A sort of 'exquisite corpse' of the surrealist movement, better yet if I may, an 'Exquisite Wiki'. Each phase of the image does not necessarily need to be saved. The process of its movement can all depend on when you look.

That sounds interesting, more like a multi page collaborative shared whiteboard I suppose. -- SvenNeumann (ps: photowiki is buggy, getting hits all the time though, I guess I ought to fix it)

That's awesome!!

This is a great idea. Here's some feedback (not intended to detract from the neatness of this concept): For me, most of the links in the thumbnail portion were broken links. The feature to show what image is linked to (in the thumbnails) from the location of the cursor on the main image is very nice.

I also like the fact that the selected target image comes from a "nearest point" calculation.

I have really wanted something where I could post a bunch of images to a wiki, and then hyperlink them together to form a visual map of a place.

Here's a story: I go on vacation to an interesting site (say an old castle). As I walk through the castle, at various points I snap pictures with my digital camera, trying to get 4 pictures at each point (N, S, E, and W). When I get home, I upload them to a wiki. I then use PhotoWiki to stitch them together. As I add links to each image, I try to make it so that clicking on the left side of an image shows the image which would appear from rotating left in the current position. I make it so that clicking the right side of an image shows the image which would appear from rotating right. Clicking the top of an image takes me to an image at a spot I would get to by walking forward from the spot of the current image.

Clicking on an item in the picture might take me to a close-up of that item. When on a close up, clicking at the bottom of a picture takes me back to the non-close up image related to that item. It would be great if the mouse cursor changed to indicate whether a link was present for each of these pre-defined areas.

There... I've constructed a kind of adventure game walk-through of a site, with only a digital camera, a web browser, and PhotoWiki. This is kind of like an interactive photo album of the location. This would be really great for exploring museums, hiking trails, etc.

This story leads me to think of a feature that would be useful for this exercise. Some method of choosing the linked image from a pallete of available thumbnails, instead of by typing or pasting it into a text box.

-- Tim Bird

Finally, can I find one wiki where I can upload one picture directly?


The PhotoMap? extension for FireFox could be described as a PhotoWiki. Though maybe not what was meant above. -- Adam

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