Personal Wiki Portal

There is plenty of discussion about a WikiPortal as a way to "join" views across multiple Wiki's. My thought is that the value of a WikiPortal is as a personalisable view into a single Wiki.

I would like to set up a MyWiki view into this wiki. It would allow me several panes:

I suppose this wouldn't even have to be implemented on the "base" servers. I would think that it could be cobbled together from a commercial portal package fairly easily.

Would this be useful to anyone else? What other "views" would be valuable? How easy would this be to actually implement? -- BillBarnett

What if you were able to register your interest in specific pages so that Wiki would notify you when they changed? Forward you either a link to the page, or a diff showing what changed?

That would be wonderful! Let me choose link, diff, or copy of the page!

This would feel nice as a redirect service, i.e: I can create a service that I point at that filters the recent_changes, or looks for changes on topics. -- PaulSimmons

See to see how this is already possible. See how DaveJacoby already has a "personal wiki portal" to MeatballWiki at least at Not difficult. Use Also see for ideas on copying content, and for another similar idea.

Also sounds like great features for a WikiBrowser.

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