Obfuscated Cee

"Obfuscated C and Other Mysteries" by DonLibes?

ISBN 0-471-57805-3 Some people were so inspired by particularly unmaintainable examples of C code, that they started a contest -- to see who could write the most obscure "impossible to understand" code.

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I always thought that the most important of the goals of the InternationalObfuscatedCeeCodeContest was the one about providing a safe forum for bad code. This represents the acutely accurate observation that many programmers are naturally motivated to show off how clever they can be, and that of course, production code is not the place to do this. -- DominicCronin

Why the extra Es?

Heck, ya gotta maintain the theme & spirit appearing in CeePlusPlus!

See WikiCase

The InternationalObfuscatedCeeCodeContest has opened again! Does anyone have any ObfuscationStrategies to share? AnswerMe!

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