More About The Site

This server is hosted by Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. on a machine purchased and installed specifically to explore international cooperation building pattern languages, a research interest of the founder. -- WardCunningham

What about a download?

See WikiMirrors for downloads of selected sections and WikiBase for getting the code. Incidentally, I'd love to be able to download the whole thing (and diffs of it) to read offline on the train and so on. I guess Wiki is somewhere between 30-120Mb now (guessing 4k-16k per page); zipped that's 6-20Mb. Ward probably wouldn't appreciate us taking so much of his bandwidth!

Actually, the current DB size (Jan, 2001) is 62 Meg. Zipped, this could easily fit on an external storage site (GeoCities, etc.) for the craving masses to download and enjoy. -- BryanTurner

Doesn't this type of thing devolve into total chaos and information overload? Have wikis been growing enough of a culture and the associated mores to keep things under "control?"

Short answers: No. Yes. See WikiWikiWebFaq and WikiErase for longer answers.

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