Modula Two

Modula-2 (ModulaTwo) is the 2nd of the ModulaLanguages, thus one of the WirthLanguages. It was a refinement of the original Modula (ModulaOne), which was derived from Pascal (PascalLanguage). Modula-2 is the ancestor of Modula-3 (ModulaThree) and Oberon (OberonLanguage). Wirth used it to develop the Lilith workstation in the late seventies. He was inspired during his 1976 sabbatical leave at XeroxParc by Mesa (MesaLanguage), which was also an extension of Pascal.

Main differences to Pascal

Dialects of Modula-2

ISO 10514-1 clarified some ambiguities and added structured literals, a complex number type, exception handling, module finalisation and a standard library.

Supersets of Modula-2

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