Microsoft Way

Often MicrosoftWay is to build, modify and hopefully improve on what is there. Some examples of their advice taken from their articles are listed here.

See MiddleWare ("Battleground..." section) where MicrosoftWay is attempting to drill into the BigBlue money tree, and the response.

Comments on Microsoft's view of ServiceOrientedArchitecture

From the Opposition

MS interoperability being queried at

(MS2005Feb) security initiatives lacking consideration for heterogenous networks at,aid,119694,00.asp

Get Real.. Upgrade OS to meet security changes not practical at,294698,sid1_gci1034432,00.html

MicrosoftEnterpriseComputing people

 Kim Cameron - Security and Identity Management
 Don Box - Microsoft Indigo
 Pat Helland - Service Architecture
 Bob Muglia - Server platform

Also the address of the main Microsoft complex: One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA

See also WindowsWay and MicrosoftIsaNiceMonopoly


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