Make Signal Not Noise

You're reading a page. It's full of crap. So DeleteOneLiners and SeparateThreadsFromContent. Voila, signal. RefactorMercilessly is the only way to avoid an EndOfWiki. If Wiki can, and did, survive the WikiMindWipe, it can take harder editing than the pussyfooting and voting and so on we've been doing up to now.

If you don't care for it, MakeSignalNotNoise in the first place. If you don't like an edit, fix it. If you see stuff in a ThreadMode section you don't think is drivel, expand it and elevate it. Don't forget to be a GoodWikiCitizen, but take the initiative and fix the messes where you find them. So long as you leave the remnants on the page, others will have an easy time of improving their content as well.

Is using a derogatory brand name considered noise? I'll often hit a little mental speedbump when I see "M$" instead of "Microsoft", or "RadioSchlock" instead of "RadioShack". At best, it's irksome and immature. At worst, it will change my focus from understanding the point of the page to decoding what the real company/person/brand name is supposed to be.

If it is noise, is it okay to edit the page so that it uses the real name? (Even in a signed entry?)

-- AnonymousDonor

Yes, yes, and maybe. Writing in a neutral voice is GoodStyle. If it's an unsigned contribution, change it. If the contribution is signed, it's a more delicate matter, but keep in mind the purpose of editing: to improve pages.

[Please keep in mind that the use of "derogatory" names often fits the general tone of a discussion; while you may find this irksome and immature the other participants may completely identify with the writer's use of the diminutive. MySignalIsYourNoise.]

See also DeleteInsults

One way to make noise on the wiki is to make pages telling people what Not to do. Signal should be about what people Should do. Therefore make pages which describe the way people should act, perform, behave, etc. Don'ts are invitations if not dares. There is a marginal group of people who want to make noise. Pages which say don't are invitations to them to "do". For more on the use of don't, See DontIsNotaForbiddenWord

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