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I have heard more than once -- I can not understand what you are trying to do here! ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20131120


 -- here is an attempted explanation:

Since I see some FutureThings?, as clouds ( shapes filled with vapor ) and am guilty of the shameless use of the WoolenLanguage (which is used in describing and enabling these attempts) in describing what they are and want to be, inventing and coining words, slices and instances of various sizes, WikiWords or pointing words, ArtifactsAndArtifactories, and phrases and passages in the process, I fully understand why someone would use the first phrase of this page in trying to understand me and my works.

It is because I seem to be of a brain type that likes to invent, pursue the possible and things thought impossible, and in the end discovering that I might MakeItSo that ItWorks.

It is not like the thinking process is some random, scattered organization of notions and ideas, but rather that the process is "suggestive" and uses a process to let them become orderly structures and methods, as parts or components, formed from a chaotic mix.

The thing that first triggered this (in my youth) was a library which was located at the exit door of my Junior High School (7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th levels or grades), where turning to my left before going out the final door, I discovered a place containing hundreds of thousands of notions, ideas, expressions, illustrations and TheOtherThings in such a manner as to allow discovery by browsing (my introduction to the LibrarySystem?).

Near to the entry and before the stacks and racks containing its materials and artifacts, was a wooden cabinet with small drawers and pull-out panels upon which you could place a pulled out drawer so you could flip through the cards these small drawers contained. Soon I discovered a system that a man called "Dewey" had devised to organized the place and sequence of the artifacts its cards indexed.

There was "JustEnough?" information on the card as to make it so I could go to where the artifact I became interested in ( and others like it ) resided. I found that not only the artifact or book or periodical that made me curious was interesting, but that the other artifacts which gathered around it were also interesting.

What I found out was that I did not have to read or view the artifact in its storage location, but that I was allowed to "check-out" and take home for more than cursory examination which time allowed (the remaining couple of hours the library would remain open) and could keep it as my own to peruse for two weeks, and that I might do so for up to eight such artifacts.

This was a do-it-yourself discovery. The school did not offer a library science or "how to use the library" as a part of its curriculum.

I always, and still wonder about the placement of the library, which was part of a city-wide library system, and not governed or run by the school, was simply an "accident", but that it was planned to be there in the initial design of the school. The school itself was an experiment, in that as a junior-high-school comprised of the 7th, through the 10th grade levels, rather than 7th through 9th, which was the standard for the day.

This page is meant to describe intentions designed to make the foggy vapors of what is into what can be, become obvious, convenient and useful

This is described in its title MakeItSo. To do this one must put things together that belong together, and separate things that do not.

One of the ways I do this is by WritingThingsDown, usually in small phrased expressions which can easily be held on a 3by5 card or within a WikiPage.

In most cases, I also include the category-tag of CategoryOrganization, which is the desired end result this process is designed to accomplish.

It is a two-fold process which allows expression which may lead to a MakeItSo Artifact

--- Use of the Triple Dot ( ... )

... <- I put this on the page to indicate NotBuiltInOneDay, being a thought or working suggestion that is not yet being done and which may lead either to a InstanceArtifact?, or may be discovered and developed later to become a UsefulUsableUsed Artifact,

 MoreWillBeAddedHere? ...
 later ... 
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