Lambda The Ultimate

LambdaTheUltimateFoo is a naming pattern for Lisp papers initiated by a famous series of papers by GuySteele and by GuySteele and GeraldSussman, much like FooConsideredHarmful. Examples for Foo are Declarative, Imperative, GoTo, GoToLess?, Political Party, Opcode. Links to many (perhaps all?) of these papers can be found at

So... is it a coincidence that the nerdy fraternity in RevengeOfTheNerds? is called LambdaLambdaLambda??

There's also a WebLog called LambdaTheUltimate: It's technically similar to SlashDot, but it's concerned with programming and programming languages. It also has a much higher SignalToNoiseRatio than SlashDot (lest the comparison with SlashDot cause anybody interested in this topic not to check it out).

Links to discussion of the book ConceptsTechniquesAndModelsOfComputerProgramming on LtU: <>

There is an entry from 2011 on PatternsInFunctionalProgramming :

The good news is that Jeremy Gibbons is writing a book on Patterns in Functional Programming. Even better news is that he is blogging about it as he goes along!

The blog is here: but not updated since January 2012.

Lisp tagline:

  (defun cthulhu (&key (house '|R'lyeh|)) ... ; lambda: the ultimate horror

A quick search on the ResearchIndex gives:

And so on...


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