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A good description of a WebLog can be found here: http://www.camworld.com/journal/rants/99/01/26.html

"Wiki is the ultimate collaborative WebLog" - this is wrong but very close to right. A Wiki is logically organized (if organized is the right term) and largely timeless. A WebLog is organized by time and (often) a small number of categories. Sometimes time is an important part of recorded thoughts, and other times not. Somehow it seems that wikis and weblogs should not be distinct.

WebLogs tend to be less free-wheeling and more structured than Wiki. Funny - I would have said the opposite.

A combination of a Wiki and a WebLog is known by some as a BloggedWiki or a Bliki.

There are several WebLog applications out there:

A feature rich, easy to use blogging platform. Supports multiple DBs like MySQL, PostGres? and also Flat files. http://boastology.com
Well done server-side PHP-based WebLog software, open source and completely free. Requires installation on the server. Uses MySQL database by default. http://wordpress.org
Server-side Perl-based WebLog software with excellent documentation. Free for non-profit use. Requires installation on the server. Does not need an additional database.
A weblog and wiki. Every weblog or comment is a also a wiki page. Weblogs are time ordered wiki pages. Java, GPL.
The software used to run SlashDot. Uses perl and a database backend. http://www.slashcode.com
A journaling community completely run by volunteers http://www.livejournal.com/
A tiny (<= 61 lines of perl code), minimalist weblog that was originally created for MacOsx (hence the Blosxom in the title). http://www.raelity.org/apps/blosxom/
A wiki AND a weblog. It goes ahead and lets you put a WebLog on any WikiPage you want. see WikiBlog or Meatball:WikiBlog
UserlandFrontier-based content-management system from DaveWiner. http://manila.userland.com/
Commercial, browser-based WebLog editing/browsing tool from DaveWiner. http://radio.userland.com/
Java-based weblogging system (http://rollerweblogger.org).
Open Source (GPL) CMS for weblogs with a very flexible PlugIn? API. Uses PHP and MySQL. http://nucleuscms.org

RobotWisdomWeblog claims to be the first weblog.

The gestalt of all WebLog's conversations with each other has been dubbed the BlogoSphere

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