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9-19-2008... after four years, "Multimedia Specialist' job is now called 'Multimedia Designer', and I am still amazed at being paid so well for work I love to do. And in this last year, a breakthrough: we can use Framemaker 8 to create PDFs that contain Flash SWF 'movies'. You could do this before with Adobe Acrobat, but Frame makes it very easy; it treats the SWF as a graphic.

7/27/04... new job as a "Multimedia Specialist" at a major corporation... into the future, using Teamsite (from Liveaxle in Portland) to develop websites... the internet is like early cars, all handmade with no two parts the same, and then in 1910 Cadillac took three autos to England, disassembled them onstage, scrambled the parts into a big pile, and then reassembled three cars from the parts pile and drove them off the stage. Sort of where the internet is now, hovering on the verge of rationality, waiting for a neo-Henry Ford to come along...

Love Mozilla Firebird... no popups, fantastic. Simple, customizable; easy to set up bookmark folders, then open all pages in a folder at once in tabs on a browser bar.

Love Yahoo Mail, incredible spam filtering, plus put in these additional filters (excuse the language, but they work): fuck, sex, teen, to unsubscribe, rather not receive, delete, subscribe, no longer wish, to stop receiving, unsolicited, mortgage, loan. Junk messages drop to near-zero.

Will try this in new G-mail account and see if it works as spam increases.

Work: web design, marketing communications, technical publications.


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I do marketing communications for a tech company, designing ads, brochures, web pages... occasionally a user interface design, and HTML Help programs. And while I love computer graphics -- the rich, transmitted light and color, stained-glass for our times -- I think the bloom is going off the rose as we all drown in a sea of Infosmog.

If all ads are beautiful, do any connect with a public that is trained from birth to recognize ad graphics and tune out?

If everything's in beautiful color, with carefully selected and kerned typefaces, do we lose our ability to take in the selling message?

New ad formula -- better graphics = less communication

  full color vs black-and-white
  proportional type vs monospaced

All this is before we discuss the message itself, which most often is hype or lies. I'm worrying here about the message presentation -- what can I do, in this new century, to get a person's attention amidst a sea of visual clutter?

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