John Lusk

JSP, Javascript, Java programmer investigating the use of Wiki for our internal knowledge base. [Results: chose TWiki. -- JohnLusk, 15 Nov 2004.]

Update, 12 Mar 2013: Been doing .NET for the last few years. ASP.NET and client/server (WinForms?). Yay, the Borg.

In all probability, after today's storm of edits, I won't be back 'cause I'll just plain forget. :)

Those really eager to contact me have a shot at doing so via john-c2-wiki somewhere in the vicinity of, especially if they put something about this wiki in the subject line, and avoid all caps and multiple exclamation marks.


Heh - imagine me coming across this 2 years later. -Dave F. 03/10/2004 Hi, Dave!

What are the odds...your page starred in RandomPages a month later. 04/17/2004

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