Edit Text

EditText is the icon and link at the bottom of each page that opens the EditPage. Return to the page that brought you here and go all the way to the bottom to find the EditText link.

Visitors new to Wiki are invited to try EditText in the WikiWikiSandbox, as described on the NewUserPages.

While typing in a page, note that (Ctrl+Z) (or Cmd/Apple+Z on a Mac) may undo your most recent keystrokes, and that in InternetExplorer, typing "Esc" may undo all your (unsaved) edits.

If you want to redo your changes which you have Ctrl+Zed, just type Ctrl+Y (or Cmd/Apple+Y on a Mac)

Also note GoodStyle tips at the bottom of the page.

Other WikiEngines could behave differently. See EditTextVariations.

Unfortunately, this does not work with versions of FireFox from 4.0 onwards.

Sorry, I meant that the addon does not work to put the icon into the edit bar at the top, which it did before as a FireFox addon. I have checked recently and unfortunately this is still true. -- JohnFletcher

See: WikiEditIcon, UniversalWikiEditButton.


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