Iwanna Learn Xml

A quick diversion to learning XML by way of examples. http://www.xfront.com/xml/5-minute-intro/index.htm

I do not know XmlAndSoapAreGoodForWhat. People keeping telling me XmlSucks, yet IwannaLearnXml as system integration skills are getting important and much of that is spelt XML. I need to be aware of XmlExamplesOfGoodUsage and decide for myself when and how I should use XML.

If the above describes your situation, then read on. There is also a LearnXmlDiscussions that you can exchange views with others regarding the Learning of Xml .

Note this page is designed to send computer scientists run away screaming. ;-) The aim is to share information about practical aspects of getting value for you time spent on xml

See LearnXmlDiscussions for discussions on material on this page

Start with introductory material on WardsWiki

Need to know Programming Models

DocumentObjectModel (DOM) and SimpleApiForXml (SAX) are two mechanisms Programming Languages interface with Xml routinees. DOM is also used in Javascript and is the more established mechanism but SAX is more appropriate for some situations.

Good material on using SAX to programming Xml can be found at http://builder.com.com/5100-6373_14-5258218.html

Explore Introductory material on external sites (see XmlLinks first)

Strategies to limit complexities

When creating XML documents, generate the lowest spec level where possible.

Do not use exotic features and stick to basic capabilities

I am drawing your attention to The Essence of Xml which is listed in LearnXmlDiscussions. I respect the knowledge of the contributor but in my opinion it is not suited for a developer interested in picking up things quickly. I leave it for you to decide.

See also XmlProgrammingLanguage

Books for beginners One contributor suggested XML in a Nutshell (O'Reilly, ISBN 0-596-00292-0 ). I do not have it and cannot comment

Also see DefinitiveXmlBooks


Can use filetype:rss to search for RssFeeds that have resource you want. See http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2004/02/11/googlexml.html

If you have SQL2000 (lots of ways to get it if you don't have it, see MicroSoftDataEngine), then you can toy with this example that illustrates the power of Xml, at http://www.fawcette.com/archives/premier/mgznarch/vbpj/2001/ENT0109/rj0109ent/rj0109ent-4.asp

Other SQL2000 Xml articles:

Looking for more? See PowerOfPlainText, YamlAintMarkupLanguage


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