Industrial Sociology

Industrial Sociology is the study of the motivations and behaviors of people at the workplace. Many descriptions in this field tend to be nearly anthropological in presentation, as if an outside observer from Mars visited and objectively observed the workings in an office or assembly line.

Some of the categorical discussions within Industrial Sociology include:

Who talks to whom, under what conditions, written, verbal, and non-verbal communication, secrecy, cliques
Pecking Order
The structure and flow of power and decision making, the relationship of skills with wages:
Community Standards
Expectations of the company from society, vendors, customers, neighbors

DesignPatterns might be the detritus from a human process that involves the interaction of SystemsAnalysis with AdvancingTechnology and Industrial Sociology. A Pattern is a map of where we have been, and may be used by other analysts to retrace our steps, but they are created fresh and sparkling new from people with foresight who enter into UnexploredTerritory?.

Examples: StaffingEconomicsVersusTheoreticalElegance

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