Impedance Mismatch

Addressing the question of "What is an ImpedanceMismatch?" ...and its use in the ImpedanceMismatchMetaphor?:

It's a metaphor, based on ElectricalImpedanceMismatch.

So, the original definition, of an ElectricalImpedanceMismatch, led to the ImpedanceMismatchMetaphor?, used in...

Other development-related "Impedance Mismatches:"

Between development languages:

On BusinessImpedanceMismatch?:

A BusinessSystemsAnalyst is usually concerned that a system design can be changed (after production implementation) easily enough to match how he foresees business conditions changing.

SerializationImpedenceMismatch?: when the serialization formats of two processes don't match, usually due to a version incomparability.

A good design pattern to discuss on the Wiki might be AvoidingImpedanceMismatch during the design and development process.

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