Gridlock Vote

A GridlockVote is a vote aimed at keeping the government too internally conflicted to cause much trouble.

You're in a country where you vote for the top office in the land (we'll say "president"), where there are two major political parties, and where the executive and the legislature can't do much without the cooperation of the other. (There, I avoided AmericanCulturalAssumption. Or at least made it explicit.)

You don't care for either of the major candidates for president. They're promising to do lots of big things to make the world a better place.

If the president has the support of the legislature, he'll be able to make his big changes.

Big government programs are almost always boondoggles, for thousands of interesting reasons that you should explain by editing this page.

Therefore: Vote for the candidate from the party opposite the one that controls the legislature.

Hopefully the president and legislature will keep busy bickering and finger-pointing and fail to pass any of the new, ambitious programs.

Even better, you can anticipate the outcome and always vote against the polls.

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