Panu Kalliokoski

Python, C, Scheme, Haskell programmer. Interested in EsotericProgrammingLanguages, TheoryOfComputation? and DoingSillyThings?.

It seems most of my contributions here are what they've been on posting lists recently: clarifying FunctionalProgramming (or my view on it), MonadicProgramming, LazyEvaluation. Also MySql, databases, FactoringLargePrograms (which was renamed for no clear reason of the IMO more descriptive ObjectAbstractionMadness?), VotingPatterns, JapaneseLanguage, whatnot.

I recently started a discussion in NumberOfKeystrokes which produced IcosahedronImplementation and AreLongAndDescriptiveRelated. Still related is WhatIsaProject.

(Most of) my homepage(s) can be found here:

They reside on the server of a cooperative founded by me and my friends, .

[answering a comment now deleted]

MySQL is also a Finnish product, and PHP has very many Finnish contributors. My opinions about these products are, in order:

  1. Linux is quite good, but should get layered into device drivers and protective kernel, because at the current moment any device driver can bring in a kernel-wide security breach. Moreover, Linux' scheduler, tty handling, VM and panic handling are shit;
  2. Nokia's phones suck, they just suck less than those of other companies (I've worked for Nokia, they're CowboyCoders all right);
  3. MySql is a very good product, for which I give my highest esteem;
  4. PHP is a heap of crap. It's almost as bad as VBScript, but doesn't suffer from overdesign.

What's wrong with the Linux scheduler now that it's O(1)?

The most important aspect of a scheduler is not how much time it itself consumes but instead how "correct amount" of time it gives to different processes. But the comment(s) above may be outdated. IIRC, they were written year 2002.


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