Goo Language

Scheme + GenericFunctions. Goo is a new prefix-syntax object oriented language designed to be suitable for teaching. It was developed by JonathanBachrach? (a Lisp/DylanLanguage veteran) at the MitAiLab. It currently compiles to C, and features a ReadEvalPrintLoop that works by dynamically compiling forms into C, running gcc on them, and then dynamically linking the compiled code into memory.

An EclipseIde plugin is also available for it. Unfortunately, the plugin didn't work as of summer 2003, because it referenced some internal packages that changed with the new Eclipse version. It should still work with older versions of Eclipse, or if they've since fixed it.

The website is

One of the worst "manuals" I've ever seen in my life (and from me, that's saying something). If you don't read the introduction that explains the crazy mutant definition syntax, you're lost. If you do read the introduction, you're even more lost. Not a single example of usage in the entire thing. Look elsewhere if you want to learn anything about Goo.

The manual explicitly states that you need to be familiar with SchemeLanguage and DylanLanguage, and is perfectly readable if you are.


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