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Wiki's simplicity is beautiful, but I wonder if a new feature could handle HotPotatoes rather nicely. Suppose I visit, and am presented with a RecentChanges list excluding pages that have a link to that CategoryPage?. If I visit a page which isn't marked that way but should be, I simply add the category tag and gleam with pride for having saved the next visitors from reading something they'd sooner avoid. JustAnIdea?. -- LukeGorrie

But once CategoryTheology? is in widespread use, someone (probably me) is bound to apply it to certain views on software method. --RichardDrake

What if RecentChanges instead just listed all categories that each page belongs to? Then you could ignore those marked as just CategoryTheology?, but read the ones that are Cagegory{Theology, SoftwardMethod?}. -- LukeGorrie

SoftwardMethod???? Yikes!

Joking apart, I agree that there needs to be some ability to filter RecentChanges at some point in the future. I'd prefer for Wiki to try this route before more draconian measures to guard against WikiMindWipe are taken (on the basis that effective filtering should help reduce nervous tension for any visitor!). --rd

One comment here moved to WikiMindWipeDiscussion, where it seemed to make more sense. --DavidSaff

See CategoryFilteredRecentChanges, FoxForumWiki (which actually does this, and has the most advanced categorization scheme of any wiki.)


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