Fabian Pascal

RelationalDatabase expert, founder and editor of the DbDebunk website and the author (along with ChrisDate) of the Database Foundations Series of papers, and the following books:

(Note that two of the above don't have ISBNs, at least none that I could find on http://www.amazon.com)

From DbDebunk:

FabianPascal has a national and international reputation as an independent technology analyst, consultant, author and lecturer specializing in data management. He was affiliated with Codd & Date and for 20 years held various analytical and management positions in the private and public sectors, has taught and lectured at the business and academic levels, and advised vendor and user organizations on data management technology, strategy and implementation. Clients include IBM, Census Bureau, CIA, Apple, Borland, Cognos, UCSF, and IRS.

Pascal (who has nothing to do with the programming language he shares a name with) is known for his strong and somewhat controversial opinions, in particular for his dislike towards many database-related products and practices found within the IT industry.

I would agree with 'strong', but his opinions are only controversial because most of the people that try to debate with him don't understand relational theory. Whatever you may think of his comportment, the logic behind his criticisms is invariably accurate.

As of 2007 or some time earlier, it appears Fabian has abandoned his dbdebunk site (hopefully temporarily).

I noticed he stopped adding articles to the site quite a while ago, and above links show that other people have noted the same.

Fabian was hilarious (in a very ironic way). A lot of what he said was so true, and so cruel to the "west" that it was indeed funny.. but sad at the same time.

As of July 2012, dbdebunk is back, in the form of a blog and at a new location: http://www.dbdebunk.blogspot.co.uk/

Favorite quote:

Interesting articles with or about Fabian:

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