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Website run by FabianPascal with contributions by ChrisDate, promoting the RelationalModel and often attacking the IT industry (database vendors, users, etc.) for not implementing it correctly. RelationalWeenies will either love or hate this site; ObjectWeenies will almost assuredly hate it. MultiParadigmWeenies will think it makes a big deal out of things that are basically straightforward. In other words, it is great fodder for a HolyWar.

The site requests that no DeepLinking be performed.

Irony: what's their little problem with relational links, there, hmm?

Indeed - I don't understand this request from FabianPascal. The internet was designed to be linked to, and a site should be designed in a way that it can be linked to.

The site is not about technology so much as the author's psychology. Minor issues with RelationalModels are hammed up as credentials for ProfessionalVictim status.

They are not such minor issues. Many of them are medium or serious issues. And they are not minor issues with the relational model itself, but issues about databases, database management systems on the market, and practitioners in the industry.

True, but FabianPascal's "psychology" is inescapable. His arguments about database issues are almost invariably sound, but his arguments about anything else are a mixed bag of sense, nonsense and rants. It does little for his credibility. His attitude, however -- which is totally unnecessary and only appeals to his fanboys (i.e., preaching to the converted) -- has probably done more harm than good.

A sample: "No surprise there. The database industry has been taken over by vociferous ignoramuses who are selling crappola to other ignoramuses and everybody's happy because ignorance is bliss. Expect this to become even worse; there is no bottom."

More heat, more smoke, less light.

I think the reason companies are selling "crappola" is also because they don't have the time to implement the perfect product.. and using time as an excuse can be valid. On the other hand, many companies do not even use time as an excuse - and simply claim that they will never implement a relational database because it isn't needed. Bill Gates has said this, and Fabian has a page about Billy in fact. So, although Fabian does rant and call people names at times - even that is partly justified - in my opinion - because there are ignoramuses in the industry. At the same time, Fabian is a hypcritical ignoramus himself though, as his website seems to be generated not by a truly relational database - but instead via non relational sloppy MS Word files thrown together using some numbered HTML file system. Maybe his excuse is that he doesn't have time or money or the right people to setup his website data using a truly relational database. Equally then, the industry could argue they simply don't have the time or the right people to setup their products to be truly relational - just like Fabians website situation!

Indeed. It's easy to be an idealist with somebody else's time and money. --top


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