Ron Perrella


I use the right technology for the right job. That doesn't necessarily imply J2EE, DotNet or anything else. I'm simply not a TechnologyBigot? and I won't cram the NewNewThing? down a customer's throat.

Though I program primarily in JavaLanguage, KornShell, PhpLanguage, and PerlLanguage, I'm always open to a new experience. Heck, I used to program in LispLanguage, ForthLanguage, RexxLanguage, and AssemblyLanguage!

I like ExtremeProgramming but (naturally) don't agree with everything mentioned. I'm a big believer in PairProgramming which I call "BuddyProgramming". I'm also a big believer in test scaffolding and built-in UnitTests. I do not believe that large open areas are good for programming. Give me a closed office any day.

You can see my rants at: and new homepage at

Ron, you have some very interesting things to say over at EditThisPage

( Well, I DID - but now that site appears to be down. Instead, check out )

Ron: I was quite pleasantly surprised to find your response to AlistairCockburn about REXX availability. Would you happen to know if any of the Linux versions would run under Cygwin? Thanks, again. -- HansWobbe.

Well, Hans, I believe that Regina would work just fine under Cygwin. See --RonPerrella

Thanks Ron. I've been too busy to try this, but hopefully will get to do so before this month of July ends. Regards, -- hwo.

I also run a fairly complete Wiki on TextEditors called - it is based on a plain, PERL based Wiki. - RonPerrella


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