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An idea that's been floating around some of the longtime participants for a while. Perhaps it's time. What's the best way to go about this without losing what's valuable here? (Dramatization at BigWikiFireOfDoubleOught)


  1. Make read-only. That part's easy, just disable wiki?edit.
  2. Create a new blank wiki on with a charter requiring, say, OpenContent, OpenAuthor, RefactoringDeadlines on ThreadMode, a strict observance of the duties of a GoodWikiCitizen, and dedication to the ideals of MakeSignalNotNoise.
  3. Don't permit wiki?edit on the new wiki from any participant who won't publicly commit themselves to the charter. Use cookies to enforce that.
  4. When someone editing a page on the new wiki references a WikiName that's only present on the old, give them the option of importing the old page on the condition that they will immediately ReFactor it.
  5. (Optional) add WikiPortal capabilities to the new wiki.
  6. (Optional) let the old wiki stay open for participants who won't agree to the new charter.
  7. Wait a year (say) and then DeleteWiki.

-- PeterMerel

RussianRoulette UserStory anyone?

It's one thing to be intimate with one's life, another to be reactionary. I'm sure you're familiar with the notion of turning the other cheek, and LaoTse has a lot more in that vein as well - you might find some of it quite handy on wiki. -- EasternWuss

How long has this thing been running? It seems like the most vulnerable thing on the web is also the most stable.

See WikiHistory. Wiki started in 1994.

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