Cpp Template Metaprogramming

C++ Template Metaprogramming - Concepts, Tools and Techniques from Boost and Beyond, David Abrahams and Aleksey Gurtovoy, ISBN 0-321-22725-5 . One of the CppInDepthSeries published by AddisonWesley.

This book covers C++ template metaprogramming mainly through a close look at MPL (BoostMpl) which is one of the BoostLibraries. It also provides an introduction to the BoostTypeTraits library.

There is a chapter on EmbeddedDomainSpecificLanguages in the context of CeePlusPlus. This includes BoostBind library, BoostLambdaLibrary, BoostSpiritLibrary and FunctoidsInCpp (FC++)

See also TemplateMetaprogramming, StlFilt, BoostProtoLibrary

This is part of my BookShelf for problems and examples with MPL. -- JohnFletcher

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