Compact Form

I'm taking a shot at this, but I think CompactForm is meant to limit patterns to one page and contain the following sections:

(I came up with the five factor SMEAC when describing SitRep. -- BenTremblay)

The intent is that longer pattern languages will benefit from this form because it is easier to read quickly, the structure of the overall language can be understood easier, and it's much easier to workshop at regular PlopConference workshops. (BoFs? or equivalent could follow that delve deeper into the full language itself.)

People help out? Maybe it's best if the one who invented the idea, KentBeck, correct or add comments on whether this page captures the essence of CompactForm.

I remember at one point during lunch he mentioned being able to put just the Problem and Solution on index cards to visualize the language in an even simpler form. --PhilipEskelin

Keeping ChickenAndEgg? in mind, both problem and solution descriptions should be using the same terms, one in terms of the other (and vice versa). -- BenTremblay - (slightly modified from the original)

see also: CanonicalForm, GoFform, CoplienForm

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