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Calvin Northrup Mooers (1919-1994), most famous for the expression-oriented text-processing TracLanguage. He attempted to control its development by enforcement of his trademark on the name "TRAC".

Graduated summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota in mathematics in 1941. Moved to Cambridge in 1946 and received his Master of Science degree in mathematics and physics from the MassachusettsInstituteOfTechnology in 1948.

Worked at the Navy Ordnance Laboratory during the second world war. Met John Mauchly, the designer of the ENIAC computer, there.

Invented Zato Coding, an information retrieval system using punch cards, and formed the Zator Company.

He was a member of the committe of the American Standardization Institute (ANSI) that created the AsciiCode, lobbying for the inclusion of both uppercase and lowercase in it.

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