Bill Trost

Bill Trost

Motorola, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

I used to be a "senior software engineer" (getting old, I guess) for EaseSoftware, but finally sold out in May of '04 when TutSystems? made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Tut was later bought out by Motorola.

Formerly, a majority of my work was ForensicSoftwareAnalysis. I seldom do any object-oriented programming, although in July of 1998 I was writing a Java program to emulate a robot while trying to apply all those ExtremeProgramming techniques I had just learned by happening onto patterns and this Wiki. This software consists of a whole whopping 1900 lines of code with 83 tests in 21 files (30 classes total).

I have made significant contributions to wily, an implementation of the AcmeProgrammingEnvironment. While at ReedCollege, I worked one summer at TekLabs' Computer Research Lab, although in 1988, long after the glory days of TekSmalltalk?. I am an INXP on the MyersBriggs scale.

My name backwards, LibTsort?, is the name of a topological sort library that has yet to be written. (-:


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