Bill Joy

Creator of ViEditor, CeeShell, single largest contributor to Berkeley Unix (ancestor of NetBsd, OpenBsd), etc. Also, co-founder of SunMicrosystems.

Can you imagine what it must have been like to work on the source for a screen editor without one. all too well :-S ThankYou Bill for all you did in the QuarterCenturyOfUnix.

Why imagine?

He's also overly worried about robots: "The Future Doesn't Need Us"

'says you when the gray cloud of nanobots comes to rearrange every molecule in your body into BillGates' personal earth-sized supercomputer. If Gates doesn't like you, he might decide to run windows ME on your spleen'

Naw, GreyGooIsEasilyContained.

As of 9/9/03, BillJoy has announced his departure from SunMicrosystems.


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