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AtisWiki was a WikiWikiClone based on CvWiki.

AtisWiki was developed for in-house documentation at ATIS Department of Computer Science, University of Karlsruhe / Germany.

The AtisWiki home Wiki is at

Source is available at -- MarcusDenker


I am currently trying to install and configure AtisWiki and on step 4 of the installation guide it reads:

4) copy GNUWiki to /usr/lib/cgi-bin, edit config: e.g:

   -> change path to /
       use lib '/home/marcus';
   -> choose Backend:
        e.g.  use PageArchiveRCS;
   -> change path to the Wiki-files/choose Backend:
       my $pa = new PageArchive("/usr/local/wiki/GNUWiki");
     or:      ...      PageArchiveRCS(....).

I was wondering what file this config I had to edit is under or what it is called... Can you help me out and clarify this step in the installation process?



Works great! Thank you Marcus & WikiMasters.

I'm running it at with some usability hacks - in particular, the edit text form appears on every page for faster editing. Comments welcome!

-- SimonMichael

Marcus's link is broken. He appears to now be running Zope. -- DanielSmith?

Hey there Marcus, I confess I only tried to run AtisWiki for the first time - been using CvWiki until today. In general it worked great, but I hit a couple of snags:

This last is a killer for using it for project documentation - I think I'm going to have to go back to CvWiki. Unless you happen to have fixed these in the latest version ... ? -- PeterMerel

A nice implementation!

I had to fix the Print Raw HTML function, as it needed the HTTP headers to function correctly. As I fixed it, I decided to wrap the "raw" HTML with Wiki's header and footer, just to make things consistent with other pages - the only difference between swiki and rawhtml (on my box) is that rawhtml doesn't create links to other pages in the Wiki.

My first project (using a Wiki) involves documenting the SNMP MIBs in our cable modem product. I slightly modified the LinkPattern so MIB variable names like "docsIfCmStatusT2Timeouts" are accepted as links:

 $LinkPattern = "([a-z]*[A-Z]+[a-z]+[A-Z][A-Za-z0-9]*|_[\\\w.:_]+_)";
I haven't tried linking it with CVS or RCS yet; there hasn't been enough activity to spur me on.

I have a problem with BackLinks though - nearly all 400 pages in the MIB documentation reference its front page, but it only displays about a dozen of the BackLinks. Editing and saving the front page hasn't changed anything. It would be nice to get this working right, because one click would generate an index. -- LarryKollar

I released a new version today, here is the Changelog:

Version 0.3alpha:

Version 0.2alpha No WayBackMode yet, but I'll add this soon. -- MarcusDenker

I'm having trouble getting backslashes to appear using wiki mode in AtisWiki. Any ideas?

Use a different wiki? The AtisWiki TODO file says "BUG: \ in the middle of a line".

Alternatively, you could try changing the following line in FormatWiki?.pm (in the WikiToHTML subroutine):


    $_ =~ s/\\.*\n/ /g; 

    $_ =~ s/\\[ \t]*\n/ /g; 
This change should (I haven't tested it) make backslashes special only at the end of a line (with optional trailing whitespace). -- CliffordAdams

Anyone interested in discussing AtisWikiCode?


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