Accidental Revolution

I was one of the five journalists who inadvertantly began the half-hour uprising that demolished the Milosevic dictatorship.

As the crowd standing outside Parliament was moved by the rhetoric of opposition speakers, we were desperate to get a better view. So we clambered up the steps of the 19th-century building, pushing our way through the police cordon. Misinterpreting our purpose the crowd followed.

-- Alex Todorovic in TheTimes, 6th October 2000

Maybe it was really an AccidentalRevolutionWaitingToHappen?

Maybe he was right at TheTippingPoint?

Apparently the opposition had also arranged fake policemen, which "defected" to the opposition. The real policemen, seeing their fellows take the lead, followed suit.

So we're talking FakeAccidentalRevolution?

FakeAccidentalRevolutionWaitingToHappen?. Catchy. Isn't it?

Or a MisinterpretedFakeAccidentalRevolutionWaitingToHappen?

Can't help but think of lemmings.

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