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Would a "QuotesOnPersonalDevelopment?" be helpful? Or call it QuotesOnSelfImprovement??

''To Contemplate Me One-Pointedly (or Exactly) Is To Invest yourself In Infinity - Beyond point, line, and circumference, Beyond Separateness, Relatedness, and "Difference" - Because I Cannot Be Measured or Limited, and I Am Not "placed" and "timed", but I Am (Even In every Apparent circumstance) The "What" and The "Who" That Is Always Already The Case."

Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, from The Only Complete Way To Realize the Unbroken Light Of Real God

The noun is Quotation, not Quote, but I guess we can't change all the crossreferences =/

Either is acceptable as a noun in this context; quote, though informal, may be used as a synonym for quotation.


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