Windows Ninety Five

The most frightening thing I ever saw in my entire life was a room full of computers at Houston's mission control running Windows 95 about ten years back. I was speechless, stupefied, and amazed. I was also much less excited about going up in the Shuttle after that ;-)

-KellyAnderson (reposted from the TDD mailing list w/o permission)

I am still running a computer using WindowsNinetyFive, which I have been using to host a wiki based on SqueakWiki. I had forgotten that running on this computer is a program called Agent 97 from Connectix. This is version 1.10 and the files are dated in March 1998. This has been running happily for years and has now suddenly decided that it is a trial version and that it has now run out!! I have spent a happy hour this evening searching for information on this without any success. Any thoughts would be appreciated. -- JohnFletcher


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