Wiki Like

A web-page similar to a Wiki one (see WikiWikiWeb), or sharing with it some basic concepts (all users can edit pages and so on).

I had a thought about Wiki-Like. I wanted to develop a Web page that browsed like a wiki, i.e. automatically create pages and link by typing CamelCase or using [[ - ]] type brackets and | pipes, but wasn't editable. Thoughts..comments... -- RobHolecko

If it's not editable, how does one automatically create pages or add links? Do you mean not editable by others? In that case, investigate WikiEngines with permissions.

Or do you mean using a wiki to create static Web pages?

Or perhaps you mean using wiki syntax to write Web pages. In that case, it should be easy to write a script to translate foo to <em>foo</em>, [[URL|link text]] to <a href="URL">link text</a>, etc.

Things of which WikiLikeThings are a part:

In line with "To define is perhaps to value" We can include them in a thing called a HyperRepository): -- DonaldNoyes.20080524.1507.m06

A prominent example of a WikiLike system is, which is an EtherPad with links, created by surrounding the link text with double brackets. Actually it appears to be the first rudimentary EtherPadWiki?. To see it in use -> LikePlusButton. -- FridemarPache


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