Wiki Gnome Poem

there s an little Gnome inside
his awe is every moment to deside
whats and how
to live or die

Its quite life
behind the stage
no comments
can fit his pride

the gnome fits you
the gnome fits me
he like to whistle
"and its one, two, three, four
whatever wer'e fighting for
we fight for u an' me
just for comunity"

all the time he is gnooming

-- (pardon my english, i learnd it only on the road:) VlastimilWondratschek

Please leave the poem as it currently is; it has a charming WabiSabi beauty. If it does get changed, copes of the original are at (pseudo-wiki) and (raw text). I felt it had a bit of Lennon going for it.

This poem is a great test for one's inner WikiGnome. I see the errors and misspellings and my fingers just itch to clean it up!

And yet you resist, for beauty's sake. You have passed the first test, grasshopper.


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