Wiki Experience

A unique experience that seems to only be had on wiki, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

What you do here is not permanent by any stretch of the imagination, so be prepared to have your work edited or just plain outright deleted. Since these pages can and will be edited by anyone, be prepared for anything to happen. If a page you have created gets deleted, look for an explanation that was left on the deleted page, then respond accordingly. However, there is a certain malicious side to wiki now and again, and it can be best described as DarkSideOfTheWiki. So, if your page (or contribution to a page) was deleted without reason, then just restore/re-create it and see what happens. Unfortunately, some times silly EditWars do happen here. Remember to be patient, and learn to laugh at all that happens here, because it is all just an expected part of the wiki experience. One good thing that does come out of editors and deleters of pages and contributions, is that it gives you the author an additional chance to update and reword your original content as many times as is necessary (try, try, try again!).

All the happenings here, good and bad, are all just the WikiExperience so learn to enjoy it! :-)

I think that the main things that upsets newcomers, is the way that they are treated and the way that all this nonsense of OffTopic and OnTopic is handled. There seems to be those EditVulture?s, DeleteVultures, and plain old cranky WarLord?s that are looking to force their will upon others and are looking for a good fight. By treating newcomers more gently, and taking them under wing, wiki can be a much better and peaceful experience for all. It would be prudent to place this WikiExperience tag in all situations that are starting to boil.

See: EmotionalBurp, GotBoogered?

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