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Not all who contribute content to Wiki are operating in author mode. The primary goals of a WikiAuthor are to support, improve, create, and encourage DocumentMode and SignedDocumentMode content. The WikiAuthor achieves these goals by working collaboratively or alone to form pages that elucidate, define, present, or teach.

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A WikiAuthor is energized by diversity. Because of this, the WikiAuthor does not like to see points flying back and forth hidden within a single page where a user's power of persuasion is more compelling than the actual perspective being presented. Instead, a WikiAuthor prefers it when each page perfects a single point of view. Instead of arguing against something, the WikiAuthor endeavors to argue for something else. For example, instead of railing against BigDesignUpFront on the BigDesignUpFront page, we create another page named TheSourceCodeIsTheDesign that argues for this point of view instead of against the BigDesignUpFront point of view. This way, readers evaluate ideas rather than arguments. This is the WikiAuthor way.

A Wiki user need not always operate in the mode of a WikiAuthor. This is a preference, an ethic. It is not a list of unbreakable rules. A WikiAuthor says only that these are his or her preference without saying it should be everyones.

See: DialecticMode, ThreadMode, DocumentMode, WikiAuthorDiscussion

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