Werner Keil

My name is Werner Keil.

I am a Software Architect and DevOps guy, who mostly lives in Copenhagen for a while.

Since 2008 I am Executive Committee member of the JavaCommunityProcess. One of only 2 Individual Members. Trying to help advance the JavaPlatform .

I am working as Build Manager, Agile Coach (see AgileManifesto), software architect, and principal consultant for a leading logistics company. After similar roles at Financial Service Providers, almost every Telco, Daimler, Nokia or BEA / Oracle. I have worked for more than 20 years as project manager, analyst, consultant and software architect on leading-edge technologies for investment banking, insurance, telco/media and public sector organizations. I lead project UOMo at EclipseFoundation, dedicated to UnitsOfMeasure support and related standards like UnitsML or UCUM.

I develop enterprise systems using Java/Oracle, IBM, sometimes Microsoft technologies, do Web design and development using Java, Adobe or Scripting Languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Besides my work for major companies I run a creative, talent and consulting agency called Creative Arts & Technologies.

In my (little ;-) spare time, I run and supports OpenSource projects, like the MedSurvey Foundation, or writes song lyrics, novels and technical articles. I am Principal Community Lead of the OpenDDR project, the most reliable Open and Free W3C DDR standard implementation. And helped shape the Social Media Framework Agorava.


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