Ward One

"Ward One" is a conference for coders with a Ward Number of 1.

You have a WardNumber of 1 (WN-1) if you have pair-programmed with WardCunningham.

Ward One - 17 & 18 July, 2008

Talaris Conference Center - Seattle, WA

$850 early registration, $950 otherwise

If you are a WN-1, please sign up with info here.

Due to popular demand, we are now taking a "wait list" for those of you with a WN-2 (i.e. you have paired with one of the WN-1 people, but not with WN-0 - Ward Himself).

The wait list will be used to backfill spaces at WardOne conferences on a first come, first served basis. If a WN-1 is unable to attend, a WN-2 will be substituted in. This will also give them the opportunity to become a WN-1.

Sign up here if you have paired with anyone in the WardNumber of One list above.

Inspired by ErdosNumber.

Looks like an AprilFools joke to me. -- WardCunningham

In that case, Ward, can you send back my $850? ;-) -- RobMyers

BTW, FredGeorge seems to think I have a WardNumber of 1, but it's really just a 2 over and over and over again with different WardOne participants. Next time I see you at a conference, I'll be carrying a laptop with an IDE. Better wear your running shoes.

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