Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironment for Windows.

The term "Visual Studio" really refers to a suite of products, including VisualBasic, VisualCeePlusPlus, VisualFoxPro, VisualStudioTeamSystem, etc. There are different editions of Visual Studio (Academic, Professional, Enterprise, etc.) that contain different sets of the tools. VisualStudio is not associated with IBM's VisualAge products.

VisualStudioOrcas is the current version as of November 2008.

The source control integration in Visual Studio is pretty and also braindead. It usually takes days to weeks to get a simple web project with a few dependencies able to be worked on by multiple people. These are problems I've experienced with Visual Studio 2005 and Team Foundation Server:

See also: VisualStudioDotNet


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