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A lame attempt to establish a new leadership in satire, based on the mighty WikiPedia engine and community model.

You will tune out when you observe the entire site repeats the same handful of thin, tired, sophomoric jokes over and over again.


Career Outlook (Under Object Oriented Programming)

The tangled messes that OOP programs make have made lingo-swinging contractors rich beyond all their dreams. Now instead of going to technical universities, up-coming programmers hang out with used car salesmen to learn how to sling the slime. They learn phrases such as, "If you encapsulate your dispatching behind an abstract interface so that implementation can be swapped without a single refactoring of external code, then objects become sparkling magic and program themselves so that you no longer need to pay me $200.00 an hour." Of course the magic never comes and the contract programmer keeps collecting $200.00 an hour; that is until his job is outsourced to a third-world country where programmers live with goats and have to learn their bamboozling skills from used goat salesmen. Despite the goats, having a third-world accent makes techno-bullsh8t sound more convincing to US managers according to some studies. Thus US programmers are flocking to Asian accent training schools while Asian call-center workers are flocking to English accent training so that they can answer Dell and AOL trouble-calls from US customers with a southern drawl. If polymorphism could only find a way to swap them...

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Another lame attempt at satire, based on the mighty WikiPedia engine and community model (equates photos of deformed babies with humor).

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