Tunes Project

TUNES (Tunes is a Useful, Nevertheless Expedient System)

A project begun in 1996 to create the ultimate operating system and the ultimate programming language. The web site includes a lot of interesting analysis of existing individual programming languages, hosts the defunct LispOS mailing list archives, etc. It's hosted at:

A project that hasn't created much else than analysis. Great. People who never have developed a large software system talking about large software systems.

Agreed -- it appears to an outsider like a classic case of AnalysisParalysis (although to try to be fair, apparently some code is now rolling out). However, when things are analyzed to death, the discussions and references can be useful to other people for other reasons. This is a potentially valuable site regardless of what you think of the project itself, based on many things I've seen there. On a certain cluster of topics, Google search has listed them in the first 5 results a surprising number of times in recent months, and reasonably so. Your mileage may vary. Anyone impatient with vaporware no doubt has reason to be impatient with TunesProject.


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