Tom Van Vleck

"I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest people in the world on some of the most interesting projects in the computer field." -- TomVanVleck

I sure enjoyed browsing Tom's historical pages, especially all of the Multics lore. I remember finding Multics in an early ARPAnet host directory that listed special capabilities of each of the twenty or so sites on the network. I connected. I read about the architecture. I remember single-level store in particular and input canonicalization too. I wrote a pl/1 program that exploited both features, and an apl one too. This must have been '69 or so. I remember thinking the embryonic net had taken me somewhere strange and interesting. Tom's pages have a bit of that feel too. -- WardCunningham

MulticsOs implementer, veteran of the Project MAC side of MIT and Honeywell's Multics group (among many other posts), and editor of , the Multics-history site.


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