Thomas Pynchon

ThomasPynchon writes his own quirky brand of fiction with fractured plots, a zoo of characters, and a rich network of references to mysticism, recent or ancient history, and above all, music and it's rhythm.

He has written GravitysRainbow, his densest work, but also VineLand?, TheCryingOfLotFortyNine?, and more recently, MasonAndDixon?.

He reads like a mix of RobertAntonWilson, Philipp K Dick (PhilDick) sometimes, and can be difficult.

He's worth the effort.

Not much is known about the author. Some believe ThomasPynchon is a pseudonym for a famous author who wouldn't otherwise write ThomasPynchon books. Other people call him the Greta Garbo of Letters.

An excellent summary of Pynchon pages can be found at the end of this article:

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