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Frequently asked questions about THELOP are placed here.

What is TheLOP and what is its purpose?

So it is a set of rules that does the same job as hungarian notation Is THELOP more than a naming convention?

Why doesn't THELOP just use English grammar?

What's the difference between the terms THELOP and LOP? What's the intended scope of THELOP, project level or universal?

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It seems to me that a project would have to maintain a large "dictionary" that defines all the allowable "words" (acronyms seems the better description of the code I've seen so far) and their meanings. In any sizeable project in which there are a large number of concepts -- objects, methods, classes etc. -- this data dictionary will become huge and take a long time to learn. How can new programmers get up to speed with LOP code without constantly flipping through the project dictionary every time they want to create a new function? How can you be sure that multiple programmers do not use the same names for different concepts without bogging them down in beaurocracy? Basically, how does LOP scale beyond a single programmer? What is the largest team that you have worked on who used LOP? (Copied to ThelopProgramming, will be deleted here sooner or later)

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