The Atom Is The Design

I've thrown away my psychology books and Gray's Anatomy, deciding the best way to understand humans is to look at each atom. As humans are made of atoms this has to be the best way to understand everything about humans. Reductionism rules!

This is a good way to understand humans, but there's a better way yet. You see, atoms are made up of little particles of matter and empty space, and by dint of that, so are humans. Forget atoms. There's no such thing as an atom. Just configurations of particles and space, and even those don't last very long.

Oh, you're just stringing us along...

See The Molecular Biology of the Cell ISBN 0815316194

This is a very similar philosophy to TheBinaryIsTheDesign?, or perhaps even TheElectricFieldsInTheSiliconAreTheDesign?. Extending TheSourceCodeIsTheDesign metaphor to the human body, I would say that the way to understand humans is to look at their DNA. Gray's Anatomy is just the layman's guide to the human genome. The DNA itself is the complete specification for the human being, even self-documenting (if you run it through a compiler -- a cell nucleus whose specification lies within the DNA -- it will produce a human being who should be capable of describing the DNA). -- IanClelland

DNA is not a specification; it's just a parts list. The complete sequencing of the human genome, and the realization that it's got about as much information in it as a college term paper, is starting to spread this realization. (Granted, they're very interesting parts (proteins), which have a tendency to put themselves together, but they're still just parts.) The DNA-as-blueprints idea was a nice popularization, but it just doesn't hold up. --GeorgePaci

And the properties of the ProteinFolding? depend on the atom, which as above depends on the sub-atomic particles and space, which depends on StringTheory and the like which ultimately depends on mathematics. So really MathematicsIsTheDesign?.

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